The Holidays Can Be Murder at Ghostlight Theatre

From December 15, 2023 until December 17, 2023

Written and directed by, Helene Benigno

So you think your family is dysfunctional? Roberto Rago’s family has been nothing but a disappointment, from his resentful Irish wife and her sister who can’t cook an authentic Italian meal to save their life to his mother’s bingo addiction to his lazy son and his clueless girlfriend to a brother in the mob. Add the holidays to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for murder.

Several audience members will be invited to participate in the show. Cast and audience interact between scenes as characters drop clues while also trying to throw the audience off the scent. Once the murder has been committed and the detective revealed it will be up to the intrepid audience to figure out who has done it and why with a fun prize for the most creative/best guess. The show runs approximately 90 minutes, including between-scenes interactions.

Ticket price $25

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